Greetings from Xanadu
Well hello there! My name is Dan, I'm a sophomore Psychology and Music Composition major at Mizzou and I was BORN TO BE A STAR!! I like the arts, all things campy, crazy people, showin up foolz on the dance floor (HATERS BACK OFF!!), holiday crafting, and making my way to broadway.

So I guess this is a blog about all those things? I don't know. It's more or less just a self-indulgent effort to demand more atention (I'm cool too, you guys!!). Expect posts about whatever I want- I promise to entertain ;)
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Found my halloween costume idea. Stevie Nicks Drag.

Found my halloween costume idea. Stevie Nicks Drag.


When the beat droppeth.


When the beat droppeth.


Adore Delano - DTF

Got that bomb dick,
Not a total waste

This is going to be in my head for days.



Photo Credit: Lauren Coker / lncokerThe Jackson Beanie

My bb cousin so cute


Photo Credit: Lauren Coker / lncoker

The Jackson Beanie

My bb cousin so cute


home grl just tryna get kissed

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This ad was the best thing that happened during the Golden Globes as far as I’m concerned 

Porn Idea:

never-ending sausage egg and cheese breakfast scramble


had a bit of a panic earlier when i realized it’s almost 2014

you guys i didn’t plan for anything after 2012 like i thought 2012 was going to last forever or something

what year is it


I kept joking about the Mayan Apocalypse happening in 2012 and I think somewhere along the line I started to believe in it a little bit so I didn’t make any plans and now I’m just kinda winging it from here on out? Sounds like a good plan to me.


sometimes it feels like all i’ve done with my life is listened to fleetwood mac and let boys ruin my self esteem

Ja’mie: Private School Girl is the greatest piece of television to ever go down in history. Fact.

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