Greetings from Xanadu
Well hello there! My name is Dan, I'm a sophomore Psychology and Music Composition major at Mizzou and I was BORN TO BE A STAR!! I like the arts, all things campy, crazy people, showin up foolz on the dance floor (HATERS BACK OFF!!), holiday crafting, and making my way to broadway.

So I guess this is a blog about all those things? I don't know. It's more or less just a self-indulgent effort to demand more atention (I'm cool too, you guys!!). Expect posts about whatever I want- I promise to entertain ;)
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Photo Credit: Lauren Coker / lncokerThe Jackson Beanie

My bb cousin so cute


Photo Credit: Lauren Coker / lncoker

The Jackson Beanie

My bb cousin so cute


home grl just tryna get kissed


This ad was the best thing that happened during the Golden Globes as far as I’m concerned 

Porn Idea:

never-ending sausage egg and cheese breakfast scramble


had a bit of a panic earlier when i realized it’s almost 2014

you guys i didn’t plan for anything after 2012 like i thought 2012 was going to last forever or something

what year is it


I kept joking about the Mayan Apocalypse happening in 2012 and I think somewhere along the line I started to believe in it a little bit so I didn’t make any plans and now I’m just kinda winging it from here on out? Sounds like a good plan to me.


sometimes it feels like all i’ve done with my life is listened to fleetwood mac and let boys ruin my self esteem

Ja’mie: Private School Girl is the greatest piece of television to ever go down in history. Fact.

(Source: lindsaychrist)


I just can’t go through with it.  Call the wedding off.  


I just can’t go through with it.  Call the wedding off.  


omfg.. no nonononono I can’t


omfg.. no nonononono I can’t

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Maaaaaaaaaan I just wanna be a witch